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Makro nakhonsawane

distance 0.22 time 3 minutes


Big C Supercenter Nakhonsawan

distance 2.4 time 6 minutes


The Walk Nakhonsawan

distance 3.5 time 8 minutes


Activities Nearby

Golf course Jiraprawat

distance 2.7 Km. drive time 6 minutes

Jiraprawat Camp Golf Course Is a golf course with 18 holes, par 72 in Nakhon Sawan There are green practice, chips, showers, shower rooms, pro shops, selling golf products. And there are other facilities.

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Pasan Nakhonsawan

distance 7.1 Km. drive time 12 minutes

A New Landmark of Nakhonsawan. Stay on the middle of the Chaophraya river, with stunning views of 2 color rivers combine at end of Pasan Building. Feel relax, take time walk arounds and photographing.

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Bung Boraphet Nakhonsawan

distance 16.2 Km. drive time 20 minutes

BungBoaraphet, The largest freshwater lake lagoon in Thailand And is a habitat of various birds that fly Show off the beauty to the fullest, especially during the cold season, when many migratory birds come and live in this area. Sail a boat to see the beautiful colors of lotus flowers. Have fun photographing various birds.

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Paradise Park Nakhonsawan

A large leisure park located in the middle of a town, caters mostly for active folk with plenty of gym equipment free to use. Lake has lots of big fish, go for a run or a bike on its many bridges, join in on the many sports practiced here.

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distance 6 Km. drive time 13 minutes

Wat Kiriwong is located on the Dao-wa-dung hill in Amphoe Muang, Nakhon Sawan province. It has a sacred golden pagoda – Prajulamanee pagoda. On the fourth floor of pagoda, you will see the awesome scenery of Nakhon Sawan province 10 kilometers around.

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